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PolkaDot Pomegranate

Polkadot chocolate bars is a mushroom chocolate bar that originated from the famous Polka Dance. The shroom chocolate bar is also popular known as the Magic Belgian Chocolate. The polka dot mushroom chocolate bars are crave-worthy choco shrooms that helps you conquer your day and also make it adventurous. However, these experiences depends on the dosage the customer chooses to consume. Just like every other mushroom chocolate bar, the main ingredients used in the production of these polkadot chocolate bars are psilocybin and chocolate. Polka dot chocolate mushroom is very famous amongst fans of microdosing. The chocolate bar hides the fungi flavor and you can eat one square at a time.

Psilly Shroomy Gummy

Psilly Shroomy Gummy Psilly Shroomy Gummy – When you take one of our psychedelic gummies, you’ll experience a unique feeling

Psilocybe Aztecorum Mushrooms

Psilocybe Aztecorum Mushrooms is a species of powerful psychedelic mushrooms originating from Central Mexico. Psilocybe Aztecorum has been referred to teonanacatl by 16th century Spanish explores, which means “sacred mushroom” or as “the flesh of the gods”. It is legendary for its spiritual use among the Aztecs and related tribes. They are known to be moderate to high in potency. Psilocybe Aztecorum is still used in traditional ceremonies in Mexico. Expect to have a profound spiritual experience, revelations and deep healing. Shipping Details:
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PSYCHEDELIC MAGIC MUSHROOM MAGIC MUSHROOMs – Magic mushrooms are naturally occurring and can be found growing wild throughout much of

Pure DMT

DMT FOR SALE  Our website offers answers to the question of where to buy DMT online asked by millions of